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Buyside Bond Traders Can Win the Spread with the Right FI-EMS Technology - 

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4 Feb 2019

AxeTrading becomes system partner of Boerse Stuttgart


Bundled expertise for bond

5 Nov 2018

AxeTrading has been awarded the prestigious Waters Buy-Side Technology title of 'Best Buy-Side Newcomer (Vendor or

2 Nov 2018


1 Nov 2018

GreySpark Partners analyst Willis Bruckermann takes stock of the historic origins and functionality of buyside fixed

1 Nov 2018



We sat down with e-Trading expert Kem Husain, Head of Asia

9 Oct 2018

AxeTrading capitalising on Asian expansion

Since its foundation in 2009 AxeTrading has been a pioneer

3 Oct 2018

AxeTrading is delighted to have been chosen as the winner of the Fixed income trading system of the Year

3 Oct 2018

AxeTrading, which provides fixed income trading technology, is aiming to expand in North America, Asia Pacific and 

8 Aug 2018