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Increase your market reach, efficiency, and profitability without additional resources. Improve hit ratios on all markets in real time, raise the number of RFQs answered by an individual trader and see a significant increase in trade volume with no additional personnel.

The benefits of

Leading trading venues, third-party liquidity sourcesand market intelligence products. Fulfil your price making and quoting obligations.
Own, control and exploit your trading data – aggregated and normalised in a single view. Runs, axes, venue and broker liquidity, transactions,and client notifications.
From autopilotto fully hands-on, combined with analytics from external tools. Automate workflows beyond routing and execution. Reduce operational risk and minimize disruption.
Combine pricing, liquidity, transaction, and counterparty data to avoid missing trades and losing market share. Customise functionally rich pricing sheets to individual pricing strategies.
Automated trade capture to meet reporting obligations – market depth and competing pricing with a full audit trail to meet Best Execution requirements.
Client tiering and auto-quoting gives you complete control of client servicing, pricing, and quoting – improving client acquisition and retention.
Execution audit trails, auto-generated regulatory reports, and the ability to analyse and understand past trading data, for business insight and improved profitability.

Unequalled market making, quoting, bond pricing and order execution

For the sell-side, AxeTrader provides unequalled market making, quoting, bond pricing and order execution. By unifying the workflow and using the firm’s real time, historic and external pricing data it provides the fullest representation of the market and can handle all trading flow on one screen. The user configurable quoting engine is better suited to today’s market and modern business needs enabling users to move beyond legacy technology.

AxeTrader is fully scalable, from a single desk to a global enterprise, across multiple legal entities to support dedicated agency execution, prop trading and back-to-back ticketing for a global customer base with varying levels of centralised trading.

AxeTrader is not a trading venue, rather we free traders to make best use of their existing systems to interact seamlessly across execution and liquidity sources. Some other providers look to constrain and create a walled garden forcing users to be dependent on a limited range of options. AxeTrader connects to leading third-party market data sources and market intelligence systems.

It is fully integrated to ensure an efficient single point of access to the market. It is agnostic to trading style as it provides a central order book that interacts with the quoting mechanisms of other platforms. It uses real-time data for sources of bond information for existing bonds and new issues.

AxeTrading embraces the principles of interoperability to give traders seamless control of their business

Trading parameters can easily be set, with adjustable levels of automation from complete auto pilot to fully hands-on, by identifying the key data points in a ticket combined with analytics from external tools. With robust permission control the system aggregates customers own data but does not share it, unlike some other systems whose offering relies on aggregation for their business model. Client tiering and auto-quoting gives complete control of client servicing, pricing, and quoting which improves client service, acquisition and retention.

Through integration with middle and back-office systems AxeTrading aims to reduce operational risk, improve efficiency, enhance regulatory reporting and compliance. FX integration, hedging and risk monitoring tools improve and streamlines the trading process. This broader offering and enhanced workflow creates new ways for the sell side to reach and service customers.

The application is Java based and embraces open architecture and interoperability with exiting tools. It is robust, flexible and easy to deploy so as users evolve AxeTrading enables growth. Clients profit from this efficient, modular and cost-effective system that adds value at every stage of the trade when others can’t. AxeTrader can be delivered as a managed service using cloud hosting or deployed on premises.

This highly resilient set-up means that all clients benefit from being on the most up-to-date version through our hosted gateway, when other vendors change their access or API our clients have quicker updates with more effective monitoring and testing without needing additional internal resources.

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Enhance liquidity distribution and client order capture for your traditional and agency execution business

With the WebTrader module of the AxeTrader Quoting and Execution Management System you can expand and improve your bond market offering by streamlining your traditional and agency execution business.

By establish a direct link between relationship managers, customers, branches and your trading desk you enhance the efficiency of trading communication and flow capture. This grows your execution capacity and reduces trading costs for you and your customers’ business.

You are able to:

  • Advertise bond liquidity and provide market color to both your end-customers or through your sales and relationship managers.
  • Build your own e-commerce distribution channel for market-making, brokerage and agency execution for your customers using tailored execution protocols, bespoke customization and your own branding on a white-labelled front-end.
  • Provides clients with a lean and efficient alternative to send RFQ / RFOs and Leave Orders.
  • Distribute the desk’s internal anonymized Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) on a firm or last-look basis.

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